We love YVR.

As this pandemic spreads fear, anxiety, and isolation across Vancouver, there's an opportunity for us to step up as a city.                                      

Despite being separated (safely by two meters),

how do we connect during COVID-19? 


As regular people wanting to help regular people where we can, we see a space for Vancouver to come together to help, encourage, and make it clear that no one in our city area is alone.   


Click here for how we have been able to help so far!


ready and able
If you have any needs,
whether it's groceries / supplies runs and drop-offs - or you're feeling lonely indoors and just want to hop on a video or phone call with someone, we can try to help!
If you're willing and able to help, whether it's for drop-offs or phone calls, sign up to volunteer!
Disclaimer: We're not medical professionals. If you've been diagnosed with a mental illness, such as depression, please reach out to a professional!
You can find resources via HealthLinkBC's website.
Amidst the high levels of anxiety and worry, sometimes we just need to take a time-out for self-care.
Join us in a video series from CityLights Church on
Moments of Peace,
where we walk through short videos that include questions for reflection and time for meditation.
Despite being in self-isolation, we're going through this together!
If you have a story to share about how you're staying connected or how you've been moved by others, we'd love to share it on this site.
Check out what people are doing in our city!
Simply include the #ConnectDuringCOVID19
on FB/IG and we'll pull it onto this site!

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Volunteer Stories



The Connect During Covid project is launched by some regular people who want to love our city.  We hope you can be helped and help others.  Some of us are connected with a community of faith called CityLights Church.

We think that helping each other matters and this is an opportunity to come together breaking past the normal barriers that separate us during normal times.  We don’t have to have the same beliefs in order to love our city.  A few of us who started this project follow Jesus.  Jesus is a great example of love, selflessness, and peace.  He was non-anxious. He was brave.  He helped.   We think Jesus can help and inspire us in our crisis.  He can help us declutter our souls and grow peace. 


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